Biuro Rachunkowe Dell

About us

We are a company operating since 1999 r. We support clients in every sphere of economic life. We help from the moment of the business idea through:


Register an entity


Choosing tax forms


Comprehensive accounting services


Ongoing tax optimization


Selecting the type of bookkeeping




Changes in organizational forms


Matching business offers


Business consultancy economic



  • drawing up the company's chart of accounts and developing policy accounting
  • current recording of business operations
  • keeping records for VAT purposes
  • preparation of tax declarations and settlements
  • preparing reports to the GUS
  • preparation of annual and periodic financial reports
  • preparing analyzes for the Management Board
  • involvement during tax audits and audits

  • current recording of economic operations
  • keeping records for VAT purposes
  • preparation of tax returns and settlements
  • keeping records of revenues
  • monthly tax assessment

  • assistance in registering foreign entities from the EU to Polish VAT
  • current recording of economic operations
  • keeping records for VAT purposes


  • Registration of the company and employees in ZUS
  • Preparation of payrolls for employees
  • Preparation of pay slips and information on contributions transferred ZUS for employees
  • Calculation of due sick pay and insurance benefits social benefits paid by the employer, keeping benefit documentation, wages for overtime, night work, annual leave, equivalents and severance pay resulting from legal provisions
  • Preparation of ZUS settlement declarations (DRA, RCA, RZA, RSA)
  • Preparation of annual personal tax returns (PIT 4R, PIT8AR, PIT11) Preparation of monthly information and transfers of tax amounts (PIT4R, PIT8A) and ZUS contributions to be paid for a given period
  • Electronic submission of documents to ZUS and Tax Offices
  • Preparation of information for ZUS (ZUS IWA)
  • Preparation of personal reports of insured persons (RMUA)
  • Support for the control of the Tax Offices and the Social Insurance Institution

Contact to us

street: Nabycińska 19 / 309 53-677 Wrocław

telephone: 71 781 83 16

fax: 71 735 18 00


Our location guarantees easy access and free parking!